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Asked Questions

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a portrait of a person that realistically demonstrates the appearance of a person.  It is typically a photo of the top portion of the body showing the top of the shoulders up to above the head.  

Why do I need a headshot?

Headshots are needed by anyone with a social media presence.  Anyone with a social media account needs a strong headshot; especially if their social media account is for business reasons. Headshots leave a great impression on your customers, potential employers, investors, or anyone in your networking circle.  I highly recommend getting a headshot done to anyone who is serious about their online presence.  

What type of sessions do you offer?

Currently, I offer the following:

HEADSHOTS SESSION: We will take a minimum of one hour, possibly more. Depending on how many outfits you wish to bring; typically two to three are more than enough.

PERSONAL BRANDING: A personal branding session it’s a more elaborate session where headshots are part of the session. We also take type of shots like full body shots; you in different scenarios and/or with props to make sure the photos convey your personal brand and your message. You will also bring as many outfits as you wish to be photographed in. For a personal branding session; the ideal is between 4 and 6 outfits; the more outfits the longer the session.

For any session; the fee covers the session and fee and one photo; all the photos that you wish to purchase are sold separately.

What should I expect from a session? How should I prepare?

First of all, I am excited that you have booked a session with me or that you are thinking about booking a session; I will make sure this is a memorable experience for you and that you are satisfied with the headshot(s).

Please make sure you arrive on time! This is crucial, if you arrive late, I may have to cut that from your shooting time, and you don’t want that to happen!

WOMEN: Light makeup; you can have it professionally done if preferred. Please bring gloss for your lips. Hair: please style it to your liking. Depending on what you need the headshot for, please dress accordingly.  Please minimize accessories; if you feel the need to wear any, make sure it’s small.  The headshot is about you. I can arrange hair and make-up for you, you only need to let me know in advance, and I highly recommend it.

MEN: No makeup, hair as you normally style it. Depending on what you need the headshot for, please dress accordingly. Facial hair always looks best when it’s trimmed and clean.

How are the sessions run?

  • Before the session, I will make sure to have a call (video call preferred) to get to know you in advance and hit the ground running when we have your shoot.

  • At your arrival (or my arrival, depending on where we decide the shoot will take place), I will gather any extra outfits you may have and hang them for you, to have ready when it’s time to change. I will ask you if you need water, coffee or if you need to use the restroom. The more comfortable you are, the best your photos will be. I will ask you to take a look at yourself in the mirror to make sure you are happy with how you look. After that, I will scan you to make sure everything (hair, makeup (women), clothes) looks great.

  • I will then take you to the shooting area to do a couple of tests with the lights, and give you a couple of minutes to get used to the lights.

  • The shooting then begins, I will direct you on how to pose, and every step of the way; just enjoy the moment! It will be my objective to make you feel comfortable and that you enjoy the shoot. The more comfortable you feel, the better your photos will be. I know I am repeating myself, but this is truly important.

  • After the shooting time is over, I will take a few minutes with you to review your photos and decide which is (are) the photo(s) you want to keep.

  • Once that happens, your photos will be edited and you then receive your beautiful headshot(s) through a link in an email for you to download. This will take place 5 days (max) after your shoot took place.

  • During the shoot, I will be asking you questions and talking to you. I want to make sure I capture your most authentic expressions and that you are able to portray that authentic and true version of yourself online.

How do I pay?

When you book your session; you will be asked to pay for the session in order to book your date. The booking site (Square) will give you these options.  If you choose to pay a deposit, it will be applied to your total order. Your order must be completely paid in order to start the session.  I accept all types of credit cards and PayPal. If you wish to, you can pay the remainder of the order in cash at the beginning of your session. All sessions will have a cancellation fee if canceled after the permitted time range.

I have more questions

Please send me an email; I will make sure to answer as soon as I can.